Sunday, 1 April 2012

New group contribution (and top contributor)

Today, the lovely Galaxia Tuani  posted three beautiful tracks to our group!
I am so overjoyed, as these three tracks are beautiful and very professional!
 Galaxia Tuani  has become one of our most frequent contributors, and produce really beautiful music!! You can visit Galaxia Tuani's  website at 

The first track posted to our group today by Galaxia Tuani  is called INFIAMMATU. It starts off with very deep and enchanting string instruments, which are then accompanied by a heavy drum beat, which cleanses the soul and reflects on the beauty of Corsica, which is intact where Galaxia Tuani  comes from!
I love this track, especially the extremely beautiful singing voice! The whole track chills you out very quickly and is very very beautiful!

The second track is called Lascia Corre A To Anima*lass Deine Seele Baumeln. This track has some very enchanting and beautiful acoustic guitar chords, which are then joined by some very very beautiful percussion pans. Then Galaxia Tuani's famous beautiful voice sings some very relaxing notes which submerse you in a relaxing world of lushness. The whole track reflects on mediteranian music, which is known to be very very beautiful and power relaxing.

The third track is called Sunnieghjiu * Ich Traa4ume * Je reve * I am dreaming *. This track does enter you in a very dream-like state, and makes you think of nothing else apart from sunshine and the sea. The strings (I think its a violin) is very enchanting and beautiful, and Galaxia Tuani's voice is just pure relaxing.

I love these tracks! I hope you will to. Again, we thank Galaxia Tuani  for their brilliant contribution! Much appreciated.
Enjoy people

Also, Galaxia has earnt the title of Top Contributor! Thanks for contributing lots of your lovely tracks to our group, and keep it up!