Saturday, 31 March 2012

New group contribution (and chill track of the week)

Today, Claudio Fiore Music  who has previously posted some brilliant chill out tracks to our group, posted a brand new and very relaxing melody!
The track is called Twilight, and is very ambient/chill out/dance. It relaxes the soul and mind and slowly sends you to a bliss haven of clouds, trees and meadows. I can imagine laying in the middle of a field, just at the time of twilight watching the stars and feeling the cool breeze of fresh air blowing against my face.
Just bliss! This is why this track is also going to be branded as Chill Track Of The Week!

Again we thank Claudio Fiore Music  for their brilliant contribution, and hope to see some more soon!! Enjoy people, I know you will!!
Chill out and relax.