Sunday, 18 January 2015

Don't Owe Me A Thing - Pavla & Noura - Dreamy super laid back electronic chill

Don't Owe Me A Thing by Pavla and Noura is a dreamy melodic song which comprises of beautiful beats, a great acoustic section, amazingly soft singing (vocals) and some amazing percussion and bass lines.

It is created and sung by Pavla & Noura - the stage name for the two musicians and friends Valentin Stip and Paul Sara.

This song was actually released by the label Clown and Sunset, which is owned by one of our favourite electronic chill out artists Nicolas Jaar. It is not hard to tell that the song has been influenced by Jaar.

It was part of the album The Prism and has been part of many compilations including the great Don't Break My Love.

Here is the same song but streamed through SoundCloud