Monday, 8 October 2012

Chill out track of the month

Teapo's track: When Procrastination Is Not Enough, is todays  Chill Out Track Of The Month! (Sorry this months track is posted 8 days late!)

The introduction sets the mood for a fast paced but relaxing Easy Listening track, and is just long enough to drag you from reality into the dreamy state that this track creates.

Soon after, the bass and drums crash in and join with the the electric guitars catchy riffs to create a full on groovy and sweet piece.
The thoughtful electric piano that takes its place not too long after makes the track even more dreamy and uplifting.

This track is one of the best tracks I've reviewed in a long time, so enjoy!
Keep up the great work Teapo!
Happy chilling, and see you next post!