Friday, 1 June 2012

Awesome chill out track available for download

Hey everyone - we have a special treat for you!
The top producer Matthew Shell has shared with us a link to a track which is available for download - which is not yet released on SoundCloud!
Quick, if you want to preview / download this amazing track before it is published to SoundCloud (we will embed it in a new post as soon as it is) check out this link:
We hope you enjoy it - and please check out one of our top contributors to our group: Matthew Shell.

The drum beat, rapping at the beginning, and the amazingly relaxing voice which accompanies the tune which is polished to perfection all create an amazing entertaining, thought clearing, rap and yet relaxing track! Check it out! :)

Chill out and relax!
See you next time with some more 'Group updates' and 'Chill track of the day'!