Tuesday, 24 April 2012

New on iTunes: - our Chill Out - Total Bliss playlist!

Here at CHILL OUT and relax, we pride ourselves in bringing you the latest chill techniques, as well as promoting your chill music and just helping you to relax in general.

This is why we have created this all new playlist on iTunes!

It features over 20 songs and counting (as more are added continually and frequently)

Songs such as the ever popular:

1.  Watch the sky - Ryan Farish
2.  Eple - R√∂yksopp
3.  Need you tonite - Mylo
4.  Chocolate - Charlotte Martin
5.  Hayling - FC Kahuna
6.  La Femme D'argent - Air
7.  Clubbed to death - Rob Dougan
8.  Ache - L.Pierre

and many many more deep bass, chilled out lounge/relaxation music!

To check it out, read more, view all tracks and download the complete playlist, click here!

(If the link above doesn't work, copy and paste the following into your URL or search in iTunes for Chill out -total bliss. https://c.itunes.apple.com/gb/imix/chill-out-total-bliss/id521822234 )

Please note that this playlist may not be available outside of the UK, depending on each tracks copyright issues and your apple account settings.