Wednesday, 28 March 2012

New group contributor

Over on Sound Cloud, our 'CHILL OUT and relax' group just earn itself a new, and very skilful and talented contributor; Vagari
Check them out for some great relaxing melodies, chilled beats and awesome music. :)
Vagari posted 3 very relaxing and chilled tracks to our group.
The first track is called Into This World.
It is an extremely relaxing track, which pushes you into a deep abyss of thoughts, concepts and relaxation. To start, it is an extremely slow piece, giving you time to recollect your thoughts and to gradually ease you into the relaxing mood.
Then, slowly the drum beats, synths, piano and other instruments enter one at a time, all releasing tension and creating a revel.
Once the light kicks and snares drum beat is introduced, you are fully in the mood for chilling out and taking it easy.
The second track is called Hardly Working. This track is slightly more trance and electronic than Into This World, with an experimental and exciting beat accompanied by a very fat bass! This track tingles your ear lobes, and puts you in a tranced state of mind.
When the heavy drum beat pops in and smothers you in relaxed notions, you can really feel the full force and talent that Vagari  has!
Then, when the voices come in, it balances out the mood and smothers your thoughts forcing you to totally chill out and relax!! 
There are many experimental effects, electronic sounds and heavy drum beats throughout this peace, all combining to make an ultra super chill track.
The third track is called Deliverance. This starts off more mellow than Hardly Working does, and the percussion and acoustic guitar are a perfect combination for a chilling introduction.
Then the piano and unwound drum beats kick in and 'Deliver' you to the relaxing state of mind that everyone deserves to experience!
Again, we thank Vagari  for their brilliant contribution! Enjoy people!